Older Wiser Local Seniors (OWLS) supports older people (aged 60+) living in Burley, Hyde Park, Little Woodhouse, Headingley and parts of Kirkstall (North West Leeds) to stay healthy and independent.

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You can join OWLS for free if you are aged 60 or over and live in our area. All our activities can help you stay healthy and independent, and meet new people.

You will also receive a quarterly newsletter (The Hooter) inviting you to take part in a range of activities, including: monthly trips, freshly cooked lunches, gentle exercise, shopping service, befriending and Bollywood movies, 

We can provide accessible door-to-door transport to activities, and can give you a ring to remind you of activities, if you would like us to.

We can also give you information and support.

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Anyone (whether or not you are a member) can receive a copy of the Hooter by email. Sign up here if you would like to get the Hooter by email.


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OWLS is run by a friendly team of staff who would welcome your call. Please get in touch if you would like to join OWLS, volunteer with us, or find out more about any of our activities.

We are one of 35 Neighbourhood Network Schemes supporting older people across the city. OWLS is managed by Bramley Elderly Action and supported by Leeds City Council.

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